Thursday, 26 March 2009

Head Gone, Body Missing

Hi everyone,

Sorry not much news today, the head is gone and the body is missing so if anyone finds it PLEASE RETURN!!

My friend Mercia emailed a message to me:


I think the above is the reason for me being a bit “faraway” today LOL, without my yesteryears where am I today hahaha, got me very confused!! (Although there are quite a few memories I’d love to forget…….you know those one’s where you caused ******!!!)

But while the rest of me was somewhere else, I put together my little mushies for a Designers Resource Pack, they come in the usual seperated Black and White PNG and PSD template format and include the Art templates as well.

They 25% off this week only: $3.45, normal price: $4.60



hugs to you all!


Snowsmoon said...

Good morning, just wanted to stop by to say Hello and send you some hugs.

I did get Kim's Color challenge posted...I had so much fun doing it! Your turned out really cute as well. Have a wonderful day!

Dawn aka Snowsmoon

Veelana said...

love the shrooms! Now one designer in your family was enough to make my hard drive moan, but with you selling selling designer resources too, it will surly crash! *LOL*

Kim B said...

AHHH sis- we LEARN from those yesterdays - but I agree with Mercia- they should be left in uhum-YESTERDAY-lol
Take what you've learnt with you- put the rest down to experience- BWAHAHAHAHAHA.
Ok enough of the serious shit now- Thanks sooooooo much for the awards- You know I'm really grateful for your words and I thank ya muchly ;-)

Ok better get in the shower now as it already nearly LUNCH TIME_ BWAHAHAHAHA

Love you TONS!!