Thursday, 19 March 2009

Running on Candles

Hi everyone,

OOOOOOOOOHHH who ever said candles where romantic LOL!!!

Been running around with candles, gas cookers (yep kim - this ones not a camp out, wish it was hehehe) and cold feet, our power was out for most of yesterday and last night - if it gets a fraction cold around here almost everyone turns on the heaters and Eskom decides to “cut off” our little town to feed the big city with extra power LOL!  So its gonna be short and sweet today so I can get back to work before our energy supply runs down……. and while my feet still feel warm!

Here’s a stunning brag page made by Gina using my Easter Garden Kit and ITS A GIFTIE to you all from her, THANKS GINA!!! PLUS She’s done all this while on holiday using her mobile!!! You can grab it from her site:

Gezee Brag Page copy

and we have some more eye candy from LYNO who used my Easter Garden kit for Livia’s  DSO LYRIC CHALLENGE !! How AWESOME is this, she really captured the essence of a lyrical daydream! Love the introduction of black and white around the border and her pic of JamieLee.


If you participate in Livia’s Lyric Challenge you’ll receive her GORGEOUS posting bonus kit:


I’ll have something for you soon, just a bit slower than most so stay cool to all you people in spring fever and warm to us here in sa.

hugs to all


Snowsmoon said...

Good Morning, What a cute kit she is offering. Just stopping by to say hello and leave you some lovin....have a wonderful day!

Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design

Crops said...

I absolutely HATE when the power goes out! It's the only time I read though, amd sometimes can finish an entire book! LOL I sure hope you don't have to suffer long!
Try to have a good one!! xoxo

geezee said...

Thank you for posting my page. Love your kit and want to work with it more. Hope to catch up on my project at my blog first though. Here's more power to ya' LOL.

LouCeeCreations said...

Candles are only romantic when you actuially want to use them lol! isn't the brag page just the cutest!
hope you get your power back...real soon... :)

Mrs. Miles said...

Aww - poor girl, I did a double take at the Eskom... for its so close to the word ESKIMO... haha, which is a chilly word too!

Candles ARE romantic, but only if one does not have to rely on them to SURVIVE. Imagine what it must have been like in the days of castles ... with tallow candles (can't FATHOM what that would smell like, and would surely burn with a black smoke up the walls) Makes me soooo greatful for central heating. Mwah! Just went and kissed my thermostat.

The layouts are lovely - just LOVELY.

If I had time I would love to do the challenge - but alas, I'll admire the creations of those who do! I'm sure they will be gorgeous!

Hope your power stays steady. Give my sweet lil one a hug for me!

Bunny Cates, said...

oh man, no heat blows chunks!
stay warm girly!

Veelana said...

Sending some warm early spring sun beams your way - hope Eskom doesn't turn you into Eskimos...