Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thursdays Views

Hi everyone!

Its a chilly day here in Dullies, winter is on its way, I’m starting to layer myself in triplets, cant move LOL! Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, really appreciated.  Yippee, AT LAST!! My lil ones 2nd set of bottom tooofs are out! She’s been so mizz over the last few days…. (and for Mrs Miles there’s a hello greeting for you at the bottom of this post from Caden)

But as promised I’v got some more LO’s to show off by Kim CT using my new Kit - EASTER GARDEN


This AWESOME one is Loucee’s Stunning Easter Parade, its so beautiful! Love the photo of her daughter, it makes this lo so special.


and here’s Jenni’s little bundle of joy taken 15 years ago, she is to Sweet!! Love the “cradle” she’s created!


oooooooooooooh and Kristine’s “Evil Easter Bunny” who hides things in her dishwasher and leaves the kid a letter to find things LOL!! (It even left something unbeknown for me to find in one of my folders hahaha but the other “bunny” found it!!) Thanks Kristine, Its Awesome!!


This one by Livia  - Smile!! ITS GORGEOUS, you cant help smiling back!! (thanks Livia, its fantastic, love it)

Sweet 16

And I got a real surprise! Renee DID 2 Layouts!!! Thanks a mil  Renee, wow - feeling very spoilt LOL!!


Hi all and a special hug to Mrs Miles, I’m doing the pole jig and I LOVE going round and round and round and round and……………


My sis has loaded me with admin today so going to go and sort out my inbox before she wallops me on the head (PAYBACK time from when I used to chase her with a hairbrush LOL!)


Anonymous said...

OMG ... seriously this is the most beautiful kit I have seen in a long time. I can't believe this is your first kit!! Can't wait to see what's next. Thanks so much for the freebie.
Jenna in Canada

By Dezign said...

Tee hee, Caden found a straight up and down slippery slide. That pic is a definite keeper for her 21st to show her pole dancer days.

She's so cute though.

Yes, winter is on it's way and it's early this year too.


Bunny Cates, said...

omg Gaye, she is growing up soooo stinkin fast! Seems like just yesterday Kim was passing out pics of her all nice and shiny and new!

Keep her off the pole just a tad bit longer please! Please, I miss having a baby around and need SOMEONE to live vicariously thru! So no poles ATLEAST until she is um. 4. LOL....

Kim B said...

AHHH- Caden's grown so much just in the last three months!! Sheee's Gaye you feeding her fertilizer?
And hee hee- I agree with Bunny- tell her NOT to take after her Aunty Kim just yet! lol

How AWESOME are those LO's- man you kit truly is BEAUTIFUL!
Thanks for the pic= and thanks Mrs Miles for making you put one on- hee hee

Loves ya

Melanie said...

Awww....haven't seen a pic of her in a while. Glad you got a blog so we can all watch her growing.

I LOVE the kit! Thanks for the freebie and "Can I be on your CT?" I'm going to go broke between you and Kim's kits. LOL!

Jazzy said...

My fellow CT members made some fantastic pages for you..I'm working on one but I'm always late LOL
I just love the kit its so exquisite..THe baby has GROWN so much..they just grow to GGD is 8 months old and it seems like it was yesterday when was a baby..I dont like it..LOL Wish they came with a pause button..Hope you have a great weekend.

Mrs. Miles said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww - This photo is so DARLING!!! Our own daughters are of the age when they could/should be producing grandkids for us, but have not yet (whew or sniff sniff, can't figure out which) so I have to rely on others for my fix of cute babies! Your lil sweetie should hold me over for a while.

THANK YOU so much for taking the time to do this - I surely appreciate it!

I'd love to hear how seeing your creations being turned into layouts feels - I remember when I was designing the delight in seeing the many (unexpected and unique) ways people turned my kits into layouts. Does it open a whole new art form for you? My Mr. used to laugh at me cause my creativity would spill out EVERYWHERE including on our dinner plates - and the camera is ALWAYS at hand for new ideas. :)

♥ Barbs

LiviaY said...

Gaye, Caden is soooo ADORABLE!!!
That picture is way too cute!
(I almost squirted tea outta my nose, reading Bunny and Kim's comments! HAHAHAHA)
Hmmm... if I'm not mistaken, Samantha had a romper with exactly same print as Caden's shirt. Do you have dutch shops there? lol


DigiLover said...

oh my goodness your kit is gorgeous Gaye!!! and Kim's CTM have done such an amazing job showcasing it for you!!!

Ahemmmmm.... you SA are sure full of surprises..... pole dancing at such a young age... lol!!!! Looks like Caden takes after Aunty Kimmie with her cheeky antics - lol!!! and she's a gorgeous little bubs at that!!

CONGRATS on your first store. You couldn't of found a better home then DSO!!!


geezee said...

Dearest Gaye, I have something to send you and I wondered if you would leave contact info on my blog. I don't publish comments with contact info. Thanks for coming by.