Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Hugs from Kim

Hi everyone! Oooooh Mrs Miles HOW COULD YOU!! Cinnamon Doughnuts………….you starting that worm going all over again just when it was abating LOL! Got an sms from Kim last night, girl is having such FUN!! But think she’s having serious withdrawals as well – she played BOWLS!! LOL, can imagine her doing 10 pin but running after a jack,……….mmmm lotsa bending sis hehee (can hear you complaining of a stiff behind soon) and she’s playing GOLF today! Her worm is also working overtime with all this activity and she said she’s eating way too much hehee!! Guess thats what holidays are all about, eat, sleep, have FUN! She sends HUGE HUGS and LOVES to you all and says she’s missing you lots!

Iv done a new COMMERCIAL USE kit called:

A little bit of greengs_alittlebitofgreen_01_LRG600x600

This kit is perfect to enhance your layouts and kits with some detailed garden greens or add a splash of leaves to your clusters to create that natural touch. The kit contains 5 High Res Realistic PNG files @ 300ppi. Normal Price: $5.50, Now Selling at 25% OFF for $4.13 for 2 weeks only.

OOOOOOOOhh and Livia has done some really BEAUTIFUL QP’s using DSO’s NEW COLLAB KIT: APRIL SHOWERS, You’ll need to be very quick as each of the 6 she’s created will only be available for 1 DAY ONLY thereafter they’ll go into the store.


DSO April 2009 Collab - April Showers (full kit) NORMAL PRICE: $7.00 NOW SELLING FOR $5.60
SAVE 20% off

This spring kit is all about the water. Both watery skies and water-colors! Gorgeous watercolored elements will make this one a fun one to work with for SURE! The Kit contains 30 Papers
59 Elements (including wordart, bows, borders, and watercolor embellishments!)

This kit is the first 2009 Collab by DSO Designers. Contributing designers include: Beth Long, Andrea Dickinson, Jazzy, Kim Broedelet, Livia Yamada, Lynn Powell, Melanie Chynoweth, and Shannon Neparko.

LIVIA’S QUICK PAGE NO 1: Here’s the first one up on the DSO BLOG:


LIVIA – these QP’s you’ve created with the kit are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Be sure to check out LIVIA’s BLOG FOR MORE DETAILS ON HER QUICK PAGES and to leave her some love!

Have a happy day everyone.


Kristine said...

Morning Gaye!!!

Glad to hear Kim is having a ball!!! She needed to unwind!!!

Gorgeous greens girl!!! We had a green lawn yesterday...right up until it snowed. It will all be gone by tomorrow but it still ruined my morning! ROFL!!

Have a great day!!

Melanie said...

Gee, thanks for the Kimb update. I think I'M having withdrawals.....Kimb withdrawals! LOL! And what beautiful greenery! Maybe it's a good thing Kim can't get to a computer for the next couple weeks as I'll be broke between you and Melanie Ann's sale! LOL! Heading for the store now!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Gaye!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like Kim's having a BLAST!!!!!!!!
Tell her we miss her but so GLAD she's relaxing!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for the headsup on the GRAND QPs!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

*sowwy - hanging my head* (hiding my donuts.

What sort of things do YOU like to bake? Do you have a traditional family recipe you like?

Thx for the news on Kim, and SO GLAD she's resting/playing. She works so hard and if I know her like I think I do she will come back with a TON of inspired ideas!

Livia's kit is beautiful - thanks for sharing!

erm... nice foliage too LOL! Great for 'hiding' behind in layouts haha! I can think of a few photos taken of me that I'd situate behind one of the biggest trees haha!

Have a fab-o day!

♥ Barb

Jessica DuHamel said...

Hiya hun! Thank you for stopping by my blog. OMG your blog is GORGEOUS!! Anyhoo, I look forward to getting to know you and the rest of the fab ladies of DSO =D {{HUGS}}

Beth Long said...

Hi there Gaye! LOVE LOVE LOVE (and did I mention that I 'love') your new green gear! LOL! You have fantastic skills girl! Woohoo!

Andrea said...

Hi Gaye! WOW those greens are FANTASTIC!!! I'm gonna have to hop over & get those!

Loosie Goosie said...

Hello! Loved reading your post today.

Yum doughnuts, I just baked some cinnamon biscuts, not as yummy I'm affraid. Still in baking training not as seasoned as Mrs Miles...lol.

Happy Easter.


Kim B said...

Morning Sis ;-)
Well it's not even 7am yet, but the boys went out of here with fishing gear at 6- sounded like Bunny's tornadoes were in the room- hhahaha.

And I did the 10pin too- hee hee, went for a LONG walk up the beach yesterday to check out a petrified forest that forms the rock bed and got caught in a STORM! bwahahaha- was drenched to the bone by the time I made it back to the hotel- was fun tho!
Missing everone TONS!
Just popped in to send you some Easter Love and hope that the easter Bunny brought my little Angel tons of choc and Mom takes LOTS of photo's- lol

Loves ya

Snowsmoon said...

Good morning,

Glad to see you stopped by to say hello today! I love your new greenery and the collab is really cute. It has been pretty slow all week, I guess with most schools on spring break, moms done have their computer time...LOL. Gives us time to regroup and do some SCRAPPING!

Big Hugs and Have a very Happy Easter to you and your family!

Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design

DigiLover said...

Hiya Gaye
just popping in to see what's happening in your part of the digi-world. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter. Bet little Caden was spoilt terribly by the Easter Bunny!!!!

Love ya greens!!! great job.


Veelana said...

Dang, you're going to do commercial use stuff too? Man, you're going to kill my hard drive - LOVE thne greens!

jazzy said...

Just poppin in to say hello..I love the greenery..hope you had a happy Easter and that you made lots of pictures of that baby to show us..