Thursday, 11 June 2009


Hi everyone,

Yikes, its freezing here in Dullies, misty, rainy and very grey, even our dogs are complaining as their waterbowl froze over last night LOL!! Our lil pigeons we have on our front porch have also decided to move their nest to the more protected area, shame they’ve been nesting for 3 years with us and last year their little baby was learning to fly and our eldest dog child decided it was a great snack!!! OOOOOOOOOhhh was so sad to see the little thing go but Nix our dog had a very happy grin on her face for a day or two!!! This year we’ve kept her in the back so this year’s babe chick can grow up a bit and learn to fly away from our 4 pawed savages HEHEHE!!

Iv put together another CU Template: SWANSONG, easy to use bw templates, just add your own colours, styles and paper fills to match your creations.  All supplied at 300ppi, in separated PNG's and PSD files for ease of use in any program.



NOW SELLING: $1.88  Normal Price: $2.50, on sale for 1 week only.

And if you like it, here’s the freebie sampler for you to try:


You can grab it here:

IM SO EXCITED!!! Sister KimB has got something PHENOMINAL coming up for you all, I just cant wait for her to “hurry up” and show you now!!! LOL, been bugging her the whole day……is it ready is it ready heheheh, make sure you check her blog tomorrow, you wont be sorry!!!

And just for Aunty Kim, you see how big I’m getting and yep taking after you too……… having a fountain cocktail out of a leaf!!! LOL!!  Hugs and Lovesc

Hope you all have a great day!!


Snowsmoon said...

I love the swan....favor, plz

Please remember it is Linda aka Bon Scrapatits Birthday today....check my blog or just stop by and give her some lovin....plz


deerwilderness said...

Thank you for sharing the lovely swan with us. Linda I hope you are having a wonderful birthday.

geezee said...

Another lovely thing coming from you. I so want to just reach out and touch the beautiful thing. Thank you.

Jennymary said...

Thank you so much for this gorgeous swan.

Anonymous said...

So Pretty. Thank you for sharing.

Judy said...

Thankyou for this gorgeous swan.

Aurien said...

Wow, stunningly beautiful hunni thank you so much!

Mrs. Miles said...

brrrrr - I came over to warm you! (putting another log on the fire and brewing you a hot cuppa)

Your swan is so PRETTY - a work of art, I'd say! And baby is growing so fast - sure change every day. HAHA - soon you will be having to worry about HER chasing the birds.

Hope you warm soon!

☻ Barb

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 11 Jun [LA 10:00pm] - 12 Jun [NY 12:00am, UK 05:00am, OZ 03:00pm] ).

Karen said...

That swan is gorgeous, absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for sharing.

Kia said...

What a beautiful swan! :) And a lovely blog, you have here! :D Cheers from Scotland!

Keryn said...

This is gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. Yes - really getting chilly here too - had a white frost this morning and instead of going for my early morning walk I just snuggled back further under the blankets - lol.
Have a great weekend.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Afternoon.:)
WOW..Your swan is so pretty and I am sooo thankful you wanted to share it with me.:)Thank you.:)
Hope you get warmed up.Hot tea..electric blanket and a cozy fire should help a little.:)
Sooo sorry about your poor little bird.I had two parakeets that my eldest son got for me for Mother's day years ago.I kept the cage door open so they could come out if they wanted.One day I babysat my Mom's dog.(Ours never bothered them) but left with the kids and forgot to close the cage door.Came home and our favorite one..Peety was chewed to bits.:( Soo sad!! What a horrible way to go...especially since he was soo trusting.The other bird missed him soo bad..she chewed herself to death.Pulled feathers out etc. They were close to eight or nine years together in the same cage.Got them as babies.:)If I get any Mom's dog will have to go to the kennel.LOL


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Cat(s)/Dog(s)/Bear/Bird/Butterfly/Any other Animal Theme post on Jun. 12, 2009. Thanks again.

* Lee said...

OMGosh! Your Swan is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you!

Can you at least see where they are nesting this year? Or did they move completely away?

TerriK said...

BEA-U-TI-FUL!! Thank you.

Emerald said...

Thanks so much for this awesome swan template hun. Wow - Dullstroom ? I'm South African (Jhb) but living in Canada now for the last 3 years - must say Dullies is one place I never went to - lol. Good luck with the winter this year - it's going to be COLD !! Hugs Emerald

Jenni said...

Hope you are having a lazy Youth Day afternoon!!! Your new goodies are gorgeous, I really love your templates, they are so easy to work with!! Cute pic of you little girl!!!
Oh and thanks for popping by my blog the other day!!!

Cautcha Lookin' Images said...

Seriously, I was just thinking how awesome it'd be to see a Swan element and here it is! LOL! Thank you so much!!!

You create after my own heart, gorgeous style you have!

Always Plumpster said...'s me..LynO...ROFL ROFL..I thank you for the Beautiful Swan gifty...and went and bought the template and love!!! it. Love sales too..LOL..
Now..still waiting to see ya at the Colour Challenge with sister Kim...LOL..what I am really trying to say is..I am waiting to see what amazing CC gift you have for us. Greed...pure Greed...I admitt...confess...shoot me...ROFL ROFL
Hope your having a great!!!! Day..and thanks for poping over to my blog and visitin so often.

Mrs. Miles said...

hellooooo Gaye, where ARE you??? LOL. Just took a chance you would be here. Hope you are having a good day.

Kim B said...

BWWWWAHAHAHAHAHA- OMG, I remember the freakin tadpoles! ARRGHH, some even died and got all slimey- hahaha.

LOVE the prince and the swan sis and you KNOW that I am your biggest FAN! Man I don't know how you do these! Honestly - each one is a work of art!

Caden is looking just lIKE YOU at the moment- I need to find that pic and scan it for you-
Sending BIG LOVES-

Karen said...

I was just looking through some old photos today and found some from when I went to the ballet Swan Lake... now you can't tell me this won't be perfect to use in that layout?! Thank you!
Karen from Moscow