Monday, 27 July 2009

monday monday

hi everyone,

oooooooohhh Geezee has been a busy lady, I received a wonderful surprise this weekend, she couldnt sleep and decided to do some awesome brag pages using the “Tooffairy” kit AND she is giving away 2 a day on her blog, so be sure to visit her regularly to pick them all up (and leave some love for her):)

Thanks Geezee, they are fantastic:

“Tooffairy” KITkb-GS-tooffairy[3]

Here are 5 of Geezee’s stunning brag pages made using the above kit:

Geezee Brag Page 1

Geezee Brag Page 2

Geezee Brag Page 3

Geezee Brag Page 4

Geezee Brag Page 5

You can collect them here and thanks again for your creativity and generosity Gina, I love these pages, special hugs to you!:

And before I forget there is another layout I’d love to show you and once again I’m posting without permission (ooooooooh so sorry Lou Ann) but its just a stunning sweet layout:

My Fairy Princess by Lou Ann (lmgdonahue)


The little princess peeking thro the castle door is just to precious!

Dont forget the “tooffairy” CU layered templates that Kim and I put together for you are still 25% off at the moment for a limited time only.


To view them in more detail go here:

I’ll have a little something for you soon, just putting it together’s the hard part LOL!!!

Have a fantastic day!!


Snowsmoon said...

Hey lady...just stopping by to say Hello and ty for stopping by my blog. WOW she did a great job on the brag book pages.

Have a wonderful week and will chat with you soon.

geezee said...

Ok already, I got 'em posted. just behind since there is an 8 hr time difference. Have fun.

LouCeeCreations said...

Love those toofy steps!

Mrs. Miles said...


Its me its me its really really me, coming to say hello to you. Hope you are having a fabulous summer - you've certainly been busy, your kit is so pretty!

I'm here and gone but will return much faster, lol!

☻ Barb