Friday, 26 June 2009

tadpole days

hi all, sorry been missing in action for awhile now:) but have had a little bit of time to squeeze in another CU template, the great prince charming frogger!! I remember when we were small, my sister Kim and I decided to go play in the fields and oh boy we came home with a jar full of tadpoles……….my poor mother, only she knew what she was in for. It was great watching them grow until they sprouted legs and could jump out of their “home”, neither Kim nor I wanted to go near them after that……….. my mom had to go looking under the beds and tables to find them all and release them back into the wild………………..:) So now I’ll leave the frog family to the fairy tales and hope like hell that Caden doesn’t do the same as us LOL!!




NOW SELLING: $1.88  Normal Price: $2.50, on sale for 1 week only.

Easy to use bw frog template - add your own colours and paper fills to match your creations. All at 300ppi, supplied in separated PNG's and PSD files for ease of use in any program. 



You can grab it here:

Hope you all have a great weekend and leave the toads alone:)!!!

till next week………hugs to you all!!

Thursday, 11 June 2009


Hi everyone,

Yikes, its freezing here in Dullies, misty, rainy and very grey, even our dogs are complaining as their waterbowl froze over last night LOL!! Our lil pigeons we have on our front porch have also decided to move their nest to the more protected area, shame they’ve been nesting for 3 years with us and last year their little baby was learning to fly and our eldest dog child decided it was a great snack!!! OOOOOOOOOhhh was so sad to see the little thing go but Nix our dog had a very happy grin on her face for a day or two!!! This year we’ve kept her in the back so this year’s babe chick can grow up a bit and learn to fly away from our 4 pawed savages HEHEHE!!

Iv put together another CU Template: SWANSONG, easy to use bw templates, just add your own colours, styles and paper fills to match your creations.  All supplied at 300ppi, in separated PNG's and PSD files for ease of use in any program.



NOW SELLING: $1.88  Normal Price: $2.50, on sale for 1 week only.

And if you like it, here’s the freebie sampler for you to try:


You can grab it here:

IM SO EXCITED!!! Sister KimB has got something PHENOMINAL coming up for you all, I just cant wait for her to “hurry up” and show you now!!! LOL, been bugging her the whole day……is it ready is it ready heheheh, make sure you check her blog tomorrow, you wont be sorry!!!

And just for Aunty Kim, you see how big I’m getting and yep taking after you too……… having a fountain cocktail out of a leaf!!! LOL!!  Hugs and Lovesc

Hope you all have a great day!!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Back in the swing of things

Hi everyone,

ooooooooooh its so good to be back LOL!!! Thought I was going crazy without my daily fix of computer radiation hehehehe. Hope you all well, the 80th went off brilliantly and everyone had a fun time away but right now I’v still got a few things I need to do so will keep this short and sweet and leave you with a little CU Giftie and leave the chatting for another day………………

I’v done some more flower templates – there are 3 different bw templates (yeah sorry will move on to something else soon LOL!!) Last of the flower range in the mean time: HIP HOP FLOWERS:


CU okay and are supplied in the usual separated PNG and PSD files.

Hope you all have a fabulous day,

hugs to you all and THANK YOU for the well wishes – we all 100% again YIPPPPPPPPEEEE!!!