Monday, 17 May 2010

Back from holiday

Hi all, Caden and I went to visit aunty kimmie and boy we had such a fun time!!! Caden is now running around asking for her aunty and Nathan, she’s missing them big time:) Thanks sis for such wonderful memories, Caden got her first beach experience…………

here she is chasing sea gullscaden1

So much sand!!! YIPPPPPPPPPEEEEE!!!caden2

having fun in the waves with aunty Kimmie caden3

making sand castlescaden4

and a day at the beach complete with ice-cream and a ride in a “noddy car”……….


after all the fun we got home and our town’s electricity was off for the whole day lol which meant holiday washing had to be put off till the next day…………..but then we didnt have any water as the electrics to pump the water from the main tanks was off again so we had to wait some more hehehe, but we finally settled down and catch up is finished……..

so onto some catch up from DSO:

DSO’s May Designer Collab Bag contains 6 brand new, commercial use friendly, QUALITY CHECKED items!   

Participating Designers are: Bunny, Gaye, KimB, Di, Loucee, Lynn
Be sure to grab it up, only available for a limited time! 

All proceeds are going to go back into DSO for software upgrades and the like, so you’ll REALLY be supporting DSO with this purchase.

Six full sized commercial use products all in ONE BIG GRAB BAG. That's ONLY $1 per product!

Some close ups previews of whats inside the bag:


and a full reveal of my portion for the bag:


and don’t forget DSV’s May designers Collab CU Grab Bag !!!


Seven fabulous CU tools and products all in ONE BIG GRAB BAG. That's ONLY $1 per product!

KimB, Rachael's Scraps, Color with Caryn, Armina, Kalo Designs, Laitha's Designs, and Charlie's Digiscraps

Selling now for just $7.00!! Valid only until the end of the month so grab it quick……

My portion of last months DSV Grab bag is now in store as well:


A peck of petals, x9 Hi Res PNG’s @ 300ppi, selling for $5.50

A set of various flowers and petals, this pack will enhance any kit or layouts and contains x9 Hi Res Png's @ 300ppi

x1 Budding bunch of flowers with stem 
x4 Matching petals 
x1 Crabapple stick 
x1 Crabapple flower wheel 
x1 Flameflower 
x1 Jasmine bunch

aaaaah and DSO welcomes a new designer Nikki from Just Passin’ Thru. She already has some stunning new products in store and a brand new kit coming out - take a sneak peek at on her blog and her store here. Here’s a peak of one of her new CU products – Necklaces vol 1

(Im running out of time here so copied the following from Loucee’s blog lol who copied it from Di’s)

DSO is having a "private" designer call. if you are interested in selling at our site - send an enquiry to Exclusive and non-exclusive now welcomed, sliding commission scale. We do have a few requirements as of June 1st... email for more info.

    • We use Zencart not xcart, BUT designers get real time invoices so they can track their sales.

    • All products MUST pass quality check, and then WE add them. Gives designers more time to design....

    • Bunny has been in business online since 2003/2004 - DSO started, I believe, early 2006.

    • Pay is via PayPal or personal check, no later then the 5th of every month. (Bunny has NEVER missed a payday. EVER.)

    • DSO IS a registered business in the state of KY, USA. Taxes and licensing for the site are paid as such.

    • The only fees we have are the commission splits. DSO eats the PayPal fees.

We are looking for fabulous team-orientated people so if you think you might be a match send Bunny an email.


gotta run now, sjoe, its weird sitting in front of the computer again, but its good to be back, will have some more news and goodies for you soon!!

Have a fantastic day!!


Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Welcome back Gaye.

Copying text off each other's blogs is not nicking, it's called efficient use of time. LOL

Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Love Di

Bunny Cates, said...

Considering you guys all copied that from MY email! UGH! I never get any credit! You guys all suck, ya bunch a copy/pasters!


get to work!

Veelana said...

Awesome pictures - thank you for posting them! I love reading personal stories like that :-)


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Wonderful pics of Caden and Kim having fun on the beach.I am sure you will cherish them as Caden grows.:)Which by the way..she seems to be doing quite nicely.:)How CUTE!!
In case I don't get back before then....Have a wonderful weekend!!


LouCeeCreations said...

Waahaahaa! I just love Bunny's comment lol! erm, yes sorry Bunny.. we all did copy from you originally!
Love your beach snaps of Cayden, so glad you had a wonderful break xx