Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Back from Holiday…..

LOL, wow hubby surprised me with another get away break, we’d just gotten back from aunty kimmie when he said he wanted to get away with Caden and me and have a little family breakaway……. so he took us to a lodge near white river, it was so stunning and we had lots of fun, its going to be a bit of a battle now to get into routine again lol, my brain has gotten used to “holiday mode” lol.

Caden had great fun:


Here she is doing a little dance with her hands saying pony ride pony ride lol!!

Caden t 

She was making “tea” when she had a visit from the peacock, he was very tame and actually took Caden’s ‘biscuit” from her hand.

Caden2 copy

Little one amongst the Dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Park, she was going “wow look, wow look every time she found one hidden in the bush……


and every evening she had to feed her feathered friends by the pond.

Okay lets try get the brain into work mode: (Thanks Di I got the following from your blog to help me catch up with what’s been happening while Iv been away)


The girls at DSO have been very busy again.

Nikki from Just Passin’ Thru has this fabulous kit out called “Mush” for $5.50.


Her stunning kit “Moving Forward” is still available at the discounted price of $3.85.


Lou has these two new products out. Firstly a fabulously feminine kit called “Camomile Lawn” for $3.75.


And then there’s her gorgeous CU Grab Bag for just $5.00.


Some of the designers have put together another CU Grab Bag for you.

Four full sized commercial use products all in ONE BIG GRAB BAG. That's ONLY $1 per product!

Di @ Legacy4Life, Loucee Creations, GS Creations and Just Passin’ Thru

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Here is my portion of what is in the DSO Collab bag this month:


Check out what else is NEW at DSO.

And this one at DSV


June 2010 Collab Grab Bag

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100% close ups.

Here is my portion of the DSV June 2010 Collab Grab Bag


and my portion of May’s DSO Collab bag is now in store too:


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Sjoooooeeeeeeeee, the head is already spinning with all the work everyone has done!!! Will have something for you all once I'm back in routine…………….coffee coffee cofeee lol, have a wonderful week everyone!! Chat soon and big hugs

ok bunny, i can hear that whip cracking hahahahahah!!!


Bunny Cates, said...

what whip? me? a whip? surely you are making that up....


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Gaye,
Welcome back! Looks like you had a blast.:) Love the pics of Caden.How cute! It's fun to see things through their eyes.Things we just take a glance at ...but they are in awe of them.It makes us take a better look.:)


LouCeeCreations said...

I bet Cayden loved her extra little holiday... did she get a little nervous standing near those dinasours, I remeber when mine were little, we were at a theme park and Cat must have been about 3, she was not impressed when I sat her on a large plastic cowboys knee.. I can see still her looking daggers at me lol!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning again Gaye:)
Thanks so much for stopping by.:)
Jim is suppose to work on the patio some more tomorrow.He is anxious to get it done.It's a lot of work and sooo hot out there.The rain keeps him from doing as much as he would like though.I can't believe he wants to work on Father's day...but that is what he wants to do.:)
Wish I could send some sunshine to you.I really dislike being cold all the time.:( Electric blankets and hot tea..are the only things I can suggest at the moment.:)Winter time..I keep them close to me at all times.hehe
Have a fantastic weekend my friend!!

Warm hugs,