Friday, 4 October 2013

New this week

Hi, new in store from me this week:

Thanksgiving CU Layered TemplatesFOLDER and also up in store:

Heavenly Rascals CU Layered TemplatesFOLDER

New from KimB:kb-PatsnPrints_29 Pats n Prints 29

And last chance to grab her 10 for 10 Grab Bag:kb-SV_10for10 10 for 10 CU Collab Grab Bag

New from Loucee: A Little Bit of Greenery 16lcc_ALittleBitOfGreenery16_Preview

Stripey Ribbons2:lcc_StripeyRibbons2_Preview

Have a great weekend, chat soon

1 comment:

BlueCat said...

Your new packs are adorable! Have a great weekend too.