Friday, 15 May 2009

quack quack

hi all,

shame lil one still not any better and she’s now got an eye infection so will be off to the quack later today to see if he can do anything for her. Sorry I haven’t got a giftie for you today just some GREAT NEWS:

Have you seen the new designers at DSO yet? You have to check out the latest talent – have a look at the blog roll on the right of this page, the names are links that will take you directly to their sites or visit the What’s New section on DSO. You’ll find a lot of new goodies from them as well as exciting new work from the “oldies” designers. (ducking my head to miss the those arrows……..”we not OLD” LOL)

Yep and my sister KimB and Bunny have been at it again LOL!!! Check out their latest Grab Bag!!! ooooooooooooooH!!!



REMEMBER – They are only valid this WEEKEND!!!! Grab it quick LOL!

And KimB and Bunny’s Retirement sale is also ending this weekend– PRICES SO LOW you really have to look twice!!! If you havent had a chance to have a peek do it quickly as after this weekend all their goods on retirement are gone for good.bunnyandkim

ooooh and Bunny’s done some “housekeeping” at the DSO’s shop – she’s reorganized the templates and professional sections (which is now called commercial use) – so much easier to browse and shop!!! Thanks Bunny!!

AND LOUCEE’s come out with a WONDERFUL new Kit called Bollywood Dreams!!! Its rich, its gorgeous, it has such Voooma!!! Beautiful details of sequence and gems gives this kit a real bollywood glam feel!!!

Loucee’s done some beautiful freebies again using her new kit, plus you have to see the amazing layouts done by her new creative team – just stunning! Visit Loucee’s site – you’ll have to scroll to previous posts to collect them as she’s just so good at blogging I cant keep up LOL!!!


And Loucee’s also done this Quick Page using KimB’s NEW GRAB BAG  - WHICH IS VALID THIS WEEKEND ONLY!! STUNNING STUFF!!!


Lots of goodies to play with this weekend!!!

Hope you all have a great day!


Mrs. Miles said...


I am hoping your little one feels better soon. Thats a hard thing to go thru. I will be praying for a healing for her.

The sale looks like a wonderful opportunity - such LOVELY kits!

LouCeeCreations said...

OoooH, blush blush! thank you for the kind pimp Gaye, I wasn't expecting that when I popped over!
i do hope you babe's eye infection will heal quickly, it is hard when our little ones are under the weather1 but I'm sure all mummy's hugs will keep her in good cheer.
much love

Jazzy said...

Sure hope the baby gets better soon..seems like our lives get all topsy turvie when they are sick..

Mrs. Miles said...

whew - getting a tad dusty in here ... haha, I'll just use one of these water rushes to dust, ok?

call me when you post - I'll come running.


Bunny Cates, said...

just "hoppin" by.. hehehe
post post post post post ...